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Why a Valhalla Puppy?

Valhalla puppies are bred to be companion pets first, anything more is a gift. We believe in our dogs and their abilities to compete in numerous venues. But they have always been and will always be, bred to be a member of your family  FIRST.  I am well aware that 90% of all puppies will be pets. So why on earth breed to satisfy that 10%? 

Things to Consider


Temperament: If you don't have a stable dog, you don't have a stable pet. Our breed does have certain behaviors that can challenge their owners (please read For  Buyers). I have dealt with most of them at one time or another. We simply can't lose focus on stable temperaments. The breed has too many attributes to share.


Line breeding: I choose not to line breed at this point. But I will say, "Never Say Never." Our gene pool is very compressed. Our international governing body, our parent club ISAA as well as Iceland, desire outcrossing. Your puppy with not be inbred.

Health. Coming from German Shepherds, I am very hard on health. I want to produce healthy, happy, long lived dogs. While some breeders are breeding specific dysplastic dogs in an attempt to save their genetics, I will not. I believe some lines go extinct for reasons we don't understand. Time and reflection often show serious issues which most breeders would not knowingly breed. My own personal experiences helped form my thinking.


Performance/Obedience/Conformation/Breeding: Most of our litters reveal puppies that have the potential  to excel at performance/show or in the whelping box. Its in the selection process. I live on a working cattle ranch and I know which dogs of mine excel on cattle. That said, I don't breed for excessive drive. I want a dog that settles easily and doesn't require hours of exercise to be comfortable in its own skin. Many of my dogs show lots of drive but its tempered by a relaxed disposition. To much drive and they will "play" with chicks; not in a good way. If your looking for a competition agility dog, your probably better off looking for lines of proven competitors. 

Valhalla Puppies: Our litters are raised in the house and under foot. All of our dogs are house dogs.They recieve typical worming at 3, 5, 7 and 9 weeks. They receive their first core vaccine at 6 weeks. This allows the new owner to follow up as their vet recommends at their new owner puppy check. Puppies are well-checked,  microchipped and can be registered with AKC Reunite Program as it has been pre-paid. Puppies are temperament tested at 49 days, have opthomology exams at 8 weeks and have structure evaluations. Puppies begin going on outings at 4 weeks. They are introduced to new people and situations early. These become more structureds at 6 weeks. They also begin crate training at 6-7 weeks. I believe in gathering as much information as possible to aid in the placement process.  

Placements: While I definately take your desires into consideration, the puppy you get will be the one that best matches your needs. The goal is a happy new owner and a happy puppy.

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