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About Valhalla Icelandics

AKC Breeder of Merit

Breeder of First AKC Champion in Breed History

Valhalla's Heart O' Gold "Stella"

Stella is a great place to start the story of Valhalla. Stella is owned by Penny Kelley of Sandusky OH. She showed this girl to her championship shortly after the breed was excepted into AKC in 2010.  But more importantly, she bred her. Stella became an early Top Bitch for our breed. Because of this, she is found behind many of the US dogs today.  Stella was no accident. She is the product of my founding imports Kersin's Midas touch of Iceland and Skin-Deep's Katina of Norway. These two found a niche and produced two more chanmpions in the breed.  Midas went on to become a founding sire who produced several additional champions.

CH. Kersin's Midas Touch

GCH Valhalla's Golden Pied Piper                                       CAN/AM CH Valhalla's Klondike Gold Rush

I have never been a prolific breeder. I believe in breeding for quality not quantity. While I love to produce top show and performance dogs, my focus is ALWAYS on producing top quality companion animals. I believe todays Icelandic can excel at most venues IF the right puppy is matched with the right home.


Breeding takes place when I'm looking for a puppy myself.  I breed to correct faults, improve health, set breed specific traits and develop sound, stable temperaments.  This means I rarely have the BEST stud dog for a given bitch! My ideal mate MUST possess strengths in areas of my bitches weakness. I believe in importing pups with new lines, traveling to better studs and using technology to increase my chances of success.  I adhere to maintaining the lowest inbreeding co-effecient possible while maintaining health, correct temperament and correcting faults.  I do not breed dysplastic dogs or dogs with known eye issues. Breeding is a dance and an art that requires knowledge of Iceland's dog, the breed standard, pedigrees, breed type, structure, health and temperament. Its an ongoing process; a study I have invested 15 years in.  My greatest hope is to leave a positive and lasting impact on the breed.

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